Repurpose This: Chipped Mugs

Not that you couldn’t drink out of these mugs, but they are a bit worn. And frankly, they are a tad on the small side for what goes as a serving of coffee these days. I do love the soft green color, and the brown accents on the raised details.


I have a feeling that someone already has a great idea for them. Potted herbs? A mosaic trivet? An indoor water fountain? I can’t wait to hear your plans. Last week’s treasure-in-the-rough had over two dozen submissions, and I thought landscaping lights were pretty dull, myself. I am totally impressed with all the creativity swirling around out there!

And remember…if you do end up taking these home, we all look forward to seeing your finished project.

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3 Responses to Repurpose This: Chipped Mugs

  1. Lynn Silver

    Bird feeders, water cups hanging from trees, placed various areas for birds/squirrels, planters (live/artificial), glue to bottom of a small table top/tile for plant stand/side table, center piece platform, or just turn cups upside down and they are the plant stand, candle holders with floral rings around for various seasons decor inside or out, drill a couple of holes and place small lights inside, hang in green house/shed for small items to be placed, gifting is nice (tie ribbon, hemp a plant and voila……lol

  2. Melanie

    Lynn, you are amazingly creative! I can just picture how cute the cups would be in a garden, on stakes at staggered heights, for little plants or with drainage for bird feeders.

  3. Melanie

    To follow up, a very sweet lady fell in love with these mugs. They match her dishes! She is going to use them as….wait for it….drinking cups! Once again, so glad that so-called trash has found a home as someone’s treasure.