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Local Treasure: The Skating Rink at Quiet Waters Park

We are now a few weeks into Winter, the holidays have passed, and the chill is setting in. Rather than hiding from the season, why not celebrate it with an only-when-it’s-cold-out adventure? For the next few weeks, the reflecting pool at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis will be transformed into an old fashioned skating rink.

Old-fashioned Winter fun at the Skating Rink. (photo courtesy of AACo)

Old-fashioned Winter fun at the Skating Rink. (photo courtesy of AACo)

Normal park entry fees apply most days until 5:30pm, but the rink is open until 9pm. Visit the Rink website for more information, including skate rental and lessons.

And if ice skating itself doesn’t entice you, the nearby Visitor’s Center with art gallery and Cafe makes a great perch to enjoy the activity while staying warm.


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Small Stone

The creek is low today, and the stink of marsh mud is irresistible to the pup. She cycles through various ridiculous poses, attempting to make contact despite the taut leash. I have planned my day, and am already dressed for town. My clean shoes are fixed to the dry, firm bank. The pup glares at me before sullenly joining me on the path.

Efficiency is not impressive to a dog.

Seconds later, she is at my side, nuzzling my hand . Living only in the present, she holds no grudge.

(today’s entry for the 2013 Mindful Writing Challenge)

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