Small Stone

It is the winter of a new year, but outside, the air is unexpectedly soft.  Turning my face towards the sun, I notice buds, green and rose, against the blue sky.

I’m not sure how I feel about this season out of time.

(today’s Mindful Writing Challenge entry)


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4 Responses to Small Stone

  1. i like winter for a few reasons. it is so bright, beautiful, crisp and cold. You can dress warmer if need be. Summer is nice but hot, muggy, and you can not dress down too much. My ankle always swells in the heat and not in the winter

    • If it weren’t for the garden, and it’s contribution to our table, I would be happy to skip summer altogether! I used to love winter when I was more mobile. I still love to look at it.

  2. jan

    Yes me too. I am missing some crisp white mornings. However it is good not to have to worry about icey roads in the dark and defrosting the car in the mornings. Thank you for your comment on my small stones. Your writing in this stone is very beautiful.