Small Stone

It is still raining.
Mud bubbles up and runs through the herb garden.
Among the sodden brown stalks, buttons of green nose upwards.
It is winter here, but underground, spring is beginning.

(today’s entry for the 2013 Mindful Writing Challenge)

And please do follow the link to read some truly wonderful examples of literary brevity!

(Update: once again, The Daily Prompt is reading my mind. I’ve written about rain, mud, and home for over a week now. Finally, today, January 18, the rain has stopped. For today, at least, I will enjoy the sunshine.)

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  1. it is not raining here. it is sunny and getting colder and it is windy. why isn’t there a like button for me to click on your web pages

    • I have the ” other” WordPress. I was originally planning on using this address for business, but then I got carried away! Some of the functions are different. And no built-in Like button…makes me sad! I added a Like widget, but you have to go to each post separately, and it’s pretty faint-looking ( it’s a heart)

  2. love this stone.Especially love the idea of mud bubbling up because the green of spring, underground, is stirring. YES.

  3. Neat poetic take on the daily challenge. Please visit my blog for a different perspective.

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