Repurpose This: Delicious Wallet

I was waiting until the pup was definitely, positively, absolutely past the sneaky chewing stage before I replaced this wallet.

It finally stopped working for the purpose for which it was intended…and when a wallet starts losing money, it’s ready for a “Repurpose This” challenge.

So what can you make from a rectangle of golden yellow leather? I’ve been working on a new collection of Angel’s Share jewelry for Ridgely Retreat, so I am obsessed with accessories right now. Get inspired by these creations, and start thinking.

This stunning “Bloom” necklace by Fleur Fatale caught my eye. What a nifty way to use irregular scraps! Bonus: there’s finally a way to showcase a pretty stud earring that’s lost it’s partner.

Do you have a serviceable, but boring, wallet? Jazz it up with some leather strips like this one from Found By Nicki. It’s too attractive to be stuck in a dark purse…consider adding a strap to turn it into a wristlet.

I toyed with the idea of cutting the wallet into strips to use as cuffs for my own glass cabochons. But I just don’t have the space right now to delve into a new material. This beaded cuff from Junk in the Trunk Studio is just what I had in mind.

This bracelet by Febra Rose uses repurposed copper as well as leather. How gorgeous can trash get?

Finally, feast your eyes on these copper and leather earrings by Melissa Lowery. I admit, I do covet them.

Chime in with your creative ideas for repurposing this sad little wallet.

You don’t have to stick with accessories. The sky is the limit!

As always, I’ll be posting this wallet on FreeCycle later on. But if you are in Anne Arundel County and would like to adopt it yourself, just let me know in the Comment section.

Happy Repurposing!

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  1. k

    When I saw this wallet on freecycle I thought what could you do with a soft worn piece of leather? this is a very creative ideas my thoughts was maybe a lizard bean bag. it will be interesting to see what becomes of this delicious wallet!

  2. Eileen

    I love looking at all the ideas with which you come up or find through your research for repurposing items. I wish I had the creativity myself.

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