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From “Cauldrons and Cupcakes”, Happy Groundhog Day!

According to Nicole at “Cauldrons and Cupcakes“, the energy shift that marks the start of 2013 actually begins on February 2 this year. Quite an auspicious day, as in this part of the world, we officially start looking for signs of Spring. And 2013 promises to be a turning point for the better, according to Nicole’s projections for us all: “This year you are being empowered to make your life work, and for it to look more like the life you dream for yourself.”
Good stuff!


Keeping warm at a Groundhog Day celebration early this morning in Pennsylvania. (photo courtesy of The Daily News)

Update: once again, after I posted this, I received the Daily Prompt from WordPresswith a cue to ‘write a post connecting  a global issue to a personal one’.  Global= energy shift, local= Groundhog Day celebrations, and personal=Happy Birthday to me!  How’s that for a slam-dunk on the assignment?

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Small Stone

His face comes into view from over my head. I notice the weather-beaten skin around his eyes.  Gardener? Sailor? Cowboy?  I try to imagine the person inside the mask.  Then I decide that I should practice detachment.  ”Just a pinch, and then a burn” he says.  ”You’ll be fine as long as you don’t try to talk”.  My eyes are open, but covered.  I feel pressure in my neck, wet and gristly, but no pain.  Practice detachment, I remind myself.  I hear voices, but they are not talking to me.  ”How are you?” one asks.  ”Not sure.” he says.  ”My last patient lost her son when he was ten.  So nothing I told her could ever be as bad as that.”

(Mindful Writing Challenge entry)

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Happy New Year!

I’m going to skip the resolutions, recollections, and any wishful thinking today. Cheers to things that make us smile.


Wishing you a delightful 2013, filled with good health, good food, and abundant happiness.

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Kitchen Trends 2013: Style Directions

The most-requested information at Back Creek Design is on updating kitchens and creating that ‘Great Room’ feeling. Whether or not you are ready to knock down some walls, there are decorating details that can help integrate the kitchen with the rest of the living and dining areas. Here’s some points on creating a cohesive and current look using three of the top decorating styles for 2013.
  1. The National Kitchen and Bath Association has rated “Transitional Style” as the number-one design trend for 2013. As noted before, if those kitchen walls come down, decor on the main level will need to flow. And even if you don’t intend to take a sledgehammer to your drywall, playing with this trend will tie the common areas of the home together. “Transitional style” can best be described as a balanced blend of traditional and modern components. The straight, clean lines of stainless appliances can mix beautifully with aged wood furniture and patterned fabrics as long as the finishes and textures are repeated throughout the area.

    Traditional cabinets, flooring and divided-light windows harmonize with industrial granite and stainless steel. The vintage-style rug and touches of pottery add warmth. (photo courtesy of Back Creek Design)

    Old-world painted cabinets and an Oriental rug contrast nicely with commercial-style appliances and contemporary backsplash design. Notice how the wall in this galley kitchen has been opened on the right to allow the living areas to flow together. (photo courtesy of Kitchen Design Ideas)

  2. “Industrial Chic” components will also become more prevalent. The celebration of utilitarian details is appearing in everything from jewelry to landscaping, and the kitchen is no exception. Beyond commercial-style appliances, we see chunky pull-down faucets, extra-deep and sturdy sink basins, and industrial light fixtures. Even hood vents are getting into the act, becoming almost sculptural focal points of the great room.

    The overall impression of this kitchen is sleek and utilitarian, with the Shaker-style maple cabinets, gleaming metal, and functional granite. But the room is kept from being too stark with the addition of salvaged wood flooring, touches of nature, and the display of artisan glassware. (photo courtesy of Back Creek Design)

    Industrial chic design is provided by the lab stools pulled up to the stainless steel counter and the no-nonsense exposed brick walls. Salvaged wood floors and a windowsill garden add a touch of vintage warmth. The traditional mirror and accessories tie the work area in to the rest of the room. (photo courtesy of Interiorly)

  3. “Vintage Style” will continue to trend. Words like ‘homemade”, “artisan”, and “repurposed” are increasingly being used in kitchen design. Whether decorating elements are truly handcrafted, or manufactured to give that impression, details like this create a sense of history. Textured pottery, baskets, and reclaimed textiles can be used throughout the house, used from room to room as needed, and help to create a unified look.

Although the finishing touches are not yet in place, this kitchen already incorporates all three styles. Vintage charm is achieved by preserving the original door and casings, and adding antiqued bronze doorknobs and brackets. The ceiling fixture, sink, and faucet are pure industrial chic. Warm wooden cabinets in a classic style tie into the rest of the main level by repeating the colors of the reclaimed oak floors beyond the work area. (photo courtesy of Back Creek Design)


This space blends a lot of components into one harmonious look. Commercial appliances and heavy-duty cabinet pulls combine with old-school windows, cabinets, and floors. Pottery, wall art, and upholstered furniture add a hand-crafted touch. (photo courtesy of Kitchen Dahab)

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