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Repurpose This: Working TV

This television set was actually our own, here at the No Acre Homestead. But a while back, Mike got his heart set on one of those giant, fancy flat-screens. I thought that we could actually make use of two TVs, but we really don’t have the room. So here is a working TV, cable and HD-ready, with an actual remote. Free to a good home, if anyone bothers to watch a not-flat-screen TV anymore.

The TV available today is silver, not black.  And a Panasonic, not Magnavox.  And it's not as furry.  But other than that, it's pretty much the same.

The TV available today is silver, not black. And a Panasonic, not Magnavox. And it’s not as furry. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

I figure, in a larger, child-oriented home, a second TV could be used in a family room as a dedicated game system or DVD player. I bet, with an HDMI cable (see how much I’ve been learning about these things since I started blogging?) you could make a permanent spot for watching videos through your mobile device. (Right? I think I’ve got that right.) Or use it as a dedicated monitor for your home security system.

How about a TV just for the dog to watch while the humans are out doing their human activities?

Want more pet-related ideas? These involve taking the guts out of the unit. (Guts…that’s a tech-y term.) If you do this, please dispose of the innards carefully. There may be some sketchy ingredients inside electronics.


Gutted and painted, this TV makes a groovy pad for a cool cat. (photo courtesy of Fresh Home)


This old floor unit is full of retro charm. It’s a simple job to turn it into a crate for a small pooch. (photo courtesy of Manteresting)


I’ve read the instructions, and believe it or not, it doesn’t look too tricky to make and aquarium out of an old TV set. (photo courtesy of Aquahobby)

So, if you are nearby and want to pick up this television, just drop me a line. And keep your eyes out on the Anne Arundel County Freecycle boards, too.


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Small Stone

I slowly realize I am awake. The room is thick with darkness, and I am too heavy to move.  Across the bed, the cat starts purring.  Nothing has happened , but already she is happy.

(Submission for the 2013  Mindful Writing Challenge)

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Repurpose This: Metal Cat Silhouette

This is another unexpected treasure we found after final cleanup was done at one of the Back Creek Design project houses. I was keeping it on our little patio, but it seemed to get lost in the aggressive vine growth. A bit rusty, a bit rumpled…appropriate for the image of a dumpster kitty.

About 12 inches in length, this skinny kitty has no visible means of support. Will you give it a home?

So would you use it as a garden accent? Or a Halloween decoration?

Fashion it into a votive candle holder? (photo courtesy of Pronto.com)

Add some paint and turn him into a piece of yard art?

How about a mailbox topper?  This one was on eBay.  Nifty!

Share all your crazy ideas with the rest of us.  And let me know if you want to give him a new home for the winter!

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