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The Creek in Winter

It was bitterly cold when the pup and I set out this morning.


A skin of ice clung to the edge of the creek.


The pup, of course, was still interested in taking a dip.

This did not happen.

I spent several long seconds being snubbed.


A few yards inland, and the marsh mud was frozen solid.


We climbed up an observation tower to see above the Phragmites.


The higher we climbed, the more blue sky we could see.


Warm weather was creeping towards us.


Back home, the earth was softening in the sunshine.


Pink and yellow emerge from  brown and grey.

20130210-135214.jpgAnother morning,

another walk,

another season has begun.

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Small Stone

The creek is low today, and the stink of marsh mud is irresistible to the pup. She cycles through various ridiculous poses, attempting to make contact despite the taut leash. I have planned my day, and am already dressed for town. My clean shoes are fixed to the dry, firm bank. The pup glares at me before sullenly joining me on the path.

Efficiency is not impressive to a dog.

Seconds later, she is at my side, nuzzling my hand . Living only in the present, she holds no grudge.

(today’s entry for the 2013 Mindful Writing Challenge)

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