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Walk and Wonder

The pup and I often make the most fascinating discoveries during our nature walks.

This find prompted a flurry of olfactory investigation.

I’m glad my shy girl wasn’t startled by the beady glare.
And warmed by someone’s random act of silliness.

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Repurpose This: Working TV

This television set was actually our own, here at the No Acre Homestead. But a while back, Mike got his heart set on one of those giant, fancy flat-screens. I thought that we could actually make use of two TVs, but we really don’t have the room. So here is a working TV, cable and HD-ready, with an actual remote. Free to a good home, if anyone bothers to watch a not-flat-screen TV anymore.

The TV available today is silver, not black.  And a Panasonic, not Magnavox.  And it's not as furry.  But other than that, it's pretty much the same.

The TV available today is silver, not black. And a Panasonic, not Magnavox. And it’s not as furry. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

I figure, in a larger, child-oriented home, a second TV could be used in a family room as a dedicated game system or DVD player. I bet, with an HDMI cable (see how much I’ve been learning about these things since I started blogging?) you could make a permanent spot for watching videos through your mobile device. (Right? I think I’ve got that right.) Or use it as a dedicated monitor for your home security system.

How about a TV just for the dog to watch while the humans are out doing their human activities?

Want more pet-related ideas? These involve taking the guts out of the unit. (Guts…that’s a tech-y term.) If you do this, please dispose of the innards carefully. There may be some sketchy ingredients inside electronics.


Gutted and painted, this TV makes a groovy pad for a cool cat. (photo courtesy of Fresh Home)


This old floor unit is full of retro charm. It’s a simple job to turn it into a crate for a small pooch. (photo courtesy of Manteresting)


I’ve read the instructions, and believe it or not, it doesn’t look too tricky to make and aquarium out of an old TV set. (photo courtesy of Aquahobby)

So, if you are nearby and want to pick up this television, just drop me a line. And keep your eyes out on the Anne Arundel County Freecycle boards, too.


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The Creek in Winter

It was bitterly cold when the pup and I set out this morning.


A skin of ice clung to the edge of the creek.


The pup, of course, was still interested in taking a dip.

This did not happen.

I spent several long seconds being snubbed.


A few yards inland, and the marsh mud was frozen solid.


We climbed up an observation tower to see above the Phragmites.


The higher we climbed, the more blue sky we could see.


Warm weather was creeping towards us.


Back home, the earth was softening in the sunshine.


Pink and yellow emerge from  brown and grey.

20130210-135214.jpgAnother morning,

another walk,

another season has begun.

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Small Stone

The rhythm of her day begins.

Eyes open wide, front legs stretch out, then back. Eyes close, her neck lengthens as she yawns to the sky. Her head shakes, and the shock wave moves along her body. Shoulders, belly, and then tail trace circles in the air.

As she springs forward, now fully awake, the glitter of fur flies up into the morning light before drifting back to ground.

(daily entry for the 2013 Mindful Writing Challenge)

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Small Stone

The creek is low today, and the stink of marsh mud is irresistible to the pup. She cycles through various ridiculous poses, attempting to make contact despite the taut leash. I have planned my day, and am already dressed for town. My clean shoes are fixed to the dry, firm bank. The pup glares at me before sullenly joining me on the path.

Efficiency is not impressive to a dog.

Seconds later, she is at my side, nuzzling my hand . Living only in the present, she holds no grudge.

(today’s entry for the 2013 Mindful Writing Challenge)

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Makes Me Wonder

Sometimes, the pup and I veer off our daily route and venture into the woods in search of new sights, new smells.

Sometimes, we find very curious things.

Sometimes, the mystery is more interesting than the discovery.



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Frankenstorm Aftermath: Dog Rescue Needs Help!

We are so grateful that damage here at the No Acre Homestead was minor. Indeed, most of our area seems to have escaped serious harm. Not the case for our neighbors up North, sadly. There are heartbreaking stories starting to come out of the Tri-State area, and I don’t intend in any way to diminish the impact to the people up there. But there is a particular dog shelter near and dear to my heart, as they were the guardian angels that rescued our current girl, and also our last sweet gentleman.

Having this sweetheart in our lives is all thanks to Akita Rescue.

Big East Akita Rescue (BEAR) is located in Tom’s River, NJ…a coastal town on the outskirts of Seaside Heights. By now, I’m sure we’ve all seen the devastation in that area. Currently, 12 dogs have been rescued and carried to the second floor of a private home, where they are stranded with the family and what little supplies were grabbed as the water rushed in.

Please read the following account. If so moved, you can click through to make a donation directly to BEAR, a certified non-profit rescue group. If this particular organization does not resonate with you, consider other charitable groups that may be overwhelmed and reaching the desperation point right now.

Big East Akita Rescue is in dire need of help! Dogs are stranded on the second floor of a home in Tom’s River, NJ.


BEAR has been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. At this time we are still waiting to evacuate several dogs to a safe boarding place when the floodwaters recede. Currently the street and the Akita kennels are 4-feet deep in salt water. Jo’s family and 12 Akitas have taken refuge on the 2nd floor of their house. For now, they are fine, the dogs are fine, and they are all just waiting with no power as the National Guard moves in to Toms River.

The Akita Rescue Society of Florida (ARSF) will be arriving in NJ soon with a van, a generator, food, water, blankets, and other supplies – thank you, Dorie! Thank you to ARWNY for the huge crate donation, it saved the Akitas’ lives.

We are so touched by the generous outpouring of support that everyone has offered. For now the most helpful thing you can do is to donate via our PayPal account and to spread the word. If you have supplies you’d like to donate, please contact Carol Money of ARSFcmoneyarsf@gmail.com who will coordinate getting those items into the van coming our way.

We will have a lot of assessing and rebuilding to do once the flooding is over. We are thankful to be ok.

This from a FB page: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rescue-toni-klemko/urgent-urgent-urgent-sandy-has-bear-big-east-akita-rescue-in-toms-river-nj-under/416534698413628

akita rescue

Jessie is one of 12 dogs that survived Hurricane Sandy, but are now trapped by flooding.

Joann has said nobody can do anything right now.. There is no way into her. She is going to need funds for food & Water.. the Akitas have been exposed to the nasty water and will need fresh clean water and of course good food.. Please share her website with the donate button http://www.bigeastakitarescue.net/donate.html and see if we can generate some funds.


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