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Small Stone

I try to deflect spoken words in the morning. I prefer the sound of nothing while my brain awkwardly clicks up to speed. TV and husband energetically chatter as I will my ears to close. But now a stranger’s voice breaks through. ” Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work”. I have no idea who is talking, but I am thankful that the pitch of his voice can pierce my irritation.

(today’s Mindful Writing Challenge entry and WordPress Daily Prompt response)

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Unabashed Admiration

I was struggling to get moving this morning…not enough coffee, not enough motivation, not enough energy to start the day. You know the kind of morning I’m talking about, right? Jealous of the cat for taking over my warm pillow, envious of the dog for her perky demeanor. I kept staring at my list for the day, and not one task seemed manageable to start out with. Yes. THAT kind of morning.

So I flipped some pages in my notebook to the Eternal To-Do List. The non-pressing things that bear looking into, and are always getting pushed to the back burner. Research better car insurance rates. Go through closet for Goodwill. Organize new filing system. Ugh.

And then…Find local blogs for inspiration.

Inspiration. Just what I needed.

Finding blogs on the world wide web is not as easy as it seems it should be. I slogged through many ad sites, catalogs, and journals out of Canada. ( There’s an Annapolis up North, too, and the folks there are waaaay more into blogging than we are).

Finally, I stumbled upon A Chesapeake Journal. Kathy shares her views on “life on the Chesapeake Bay” from the other side of the Bridge. (That would be the Eastern Shore from where I sit in Annapolis). There’s nothing I don’t like about this site, although the type face reminds me that my eyes are aging. Sigh.

This post from a few days ago was just the boost I needed to get my day started, too. The dog and I ambled off to the dog park to poke around and look for EEs.


After that, my day just fell into place.

Tell me…are there websites you go to for inspiration when you feel low on ideas?

I’d love to check them out.

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