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Local Treasure: The Skating Rink at Quiet Waters Park

We are now a few weeks into Winter, the holidays have passed, and the chill is setting in. Rather than hiding from the season, why not celebrate it with an only-when-it’s-cold-out adventure? For the next few weeks, the reflecting pool at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis will be transformed into an old fashioned skating rink.

Old-fashioned Winter fun at the Skating Rink. (photo courtesy of AACo)

Old-fashioned Winter fun at the Skating Rink. (photo courtesy of AACo)

Normal park entry fees apply most days until 5:30pm, but the rink is open until 9pm. Visit the Rink website for more information, including skate rental and lessons.

And if ice skating itself doesn’t entice you, the nearby Visitor’s Center with art gallery and Cafe makes a great perch to enjoy the activity while staying warm.


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Local Treasure: Kinder Farm Park

I had forgotten about this great park until a recently-transplanted colleague started praising it’s virtues a few days ago.

Just one portion of the beautiful park (photo courtesy of Friends of Kinder Farm Park)

¬†Funny how we can start to take our local resources for granted. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to point out what should be obvious. And since Kinder Farm Park is on East West Highway, smack dab in the middle of Anne Arundel County, it’s almost hard to avoid. Thanks, D, for reminding me to visit more often. And welcome to the area…I’m glad you’re here!

So what does Kinder Farm Park have to offer? Well, it’s a huge 288 acres with both paved trails and nature paths. Like most AACo parks, it has pavilions, picnic facilities, and a playground. There’s catch-and-release fishing areas, and trails for horseback riding. The frisbee golf course is a little more unusual.

But what really makes this facility stand out is the “Farm” part of it’s name. Drawing from the property’s agricultural heritage, Kinder Farm Park offers community gardening opportunities, a Visitor’s Center with agricultural artifacts, AND a educational farm complex, complete with animals!

Kinder Farm Park

Come visit this cute goat, as well as other farm animals, at Kinder Farm Park! (photo courtesy of AACo Recreation and Parks.)

And it wasn’t until writing up this post that I learned that Kinder Farm Park is home to several homesteading skills and artisan clubs. This includes a quilting group, 4-H Livestock Club, antique farm equipment enthusiasts, and (truly exciting to me) the Chesapeake Forge Club. Yes, they offer classes!

The forge at Kinder Farm Park. (photo courtesy of Chesapeake Forge Club)

I’m looking forward to rediscovering this local treasure. With so many activities on offer, this is going on my short-list of ‘fun things to do’ this winter.

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