Leah and Neil have been collaborating on design projects for the past decade and are excited to have a central platform dedicated to all their joint projects: Back Creek Design, a residential design team dedicated to functionality, efficiency, and bringing balance to the home. 

Combined, Leah and Neil have worked with hundreds of clients spanning all design styles, budgets, and regions of the US. They've completed projects of all sizes and are committed to bringing your vision to life.


Neil Yarumian grew up in Maine, went to school in Boston, then moved back to Maine and spent a few years learning from some of the state's finest architects, including Stephen Blatt and Kevin Browne. Neil lives in Roanoke, Virginia now and loves mountain biking with his nephew.

Leah Copplestone grew up in New Hampshire. Her family moved to Virginia when she was a teenager and she returned to New England for college. Since graduating, she has worked in an increasingly tech-centered design field and is an expert at creating photorealistic renderings of 3D spaces, which allows her to work virtually as an interior designer creating digital representations of a client's project. She lives in Virginia now and loves being close to her large family.

Neil and Leah married in 2015 and welcomed Abigail into their family in 2020. They love to play in the yard, walk around the neighborhood, and teach Abby to gently pet Wilson, the family cat. 


Neil Yarumian



Leah Copplestone